Real Life Strawberryoes


Now that the snow’s finally melting, and that I am going to leave the country before the summer gets stupid hot (aka mega miserable - god I hate the height of Canadian summer), I am jumping on the bandwagon:


Apr 7

Two sounds I love (for sentimental reasons):

long zippers being zipped, and seagulls doing their seagull thing


This episode of Claudia Dancing Around The Bathroom in Her PJs and Cardboard and Duct Tape Thor Helmet is brought to you by: Hats Off by The Cardboard Crowns (follow link to listen or purchase)

map letter on Flickr.

map letter on Flickr.

map letter on Flickr.

map letter on Flickr.

I am, perhaps, used to missing you, but it still sucks just as much.

Things I am excited about

  • I am going to live with my boyfriend again soon!
  • Finally owning a smart phone in the not-too-distant future
  • I am going to LIVE IN SCOTLAND, FY!
  • I am going to live in Europe = EUROPEAN MOVIES IN THEATERS, HECK YES
  • I am going to quit my dumb retail job (although it may not be the last time I work retail. but still. I SHALL ENJOY THE SMALL VICTORIES!)
  • I am dating a truly wonderful human being and my best friend in the whole world <3
  • I have some really FAB pals, and I love ‘em
  • good change is coming

Any tips for a Canadian moving your Scotland? :)



Oooh I’m not sure to be honest, depends on whereabouts you are moving to and why. Try and meet new people, make friends that can show you about and get to know the place that you’ve moved to. Be prepared for any kind of weather, it can be pretty unpredictable, and it rains quite a bit. Does anyone who has maybe moved to Scotland (or just anyone in general) that has any tips they can send ? :)


Blimey….! Thanks for reblogging this Holly! Otherwise I might have missed their response…. AND ALL THE ONES OTHER YKYSW FOLLOWERS ARE GIVING! Woo! <3

Today in the life of Claudia

Cousins who have never been involved in art, want my feedback about submitting an artist statement for an art fair. Even though I have limited artist statement writing experience (but lots of artist statement reading experience!), my pro art school background critiqued the hell out of their statement and now I feel like I just wrote them a novel about how they did everything wrong, even though they did fabulously for a first time artist statement!

I hope they don’t feel like I attacked them - I’m kinda worried that that’s how it came off as :s Oops. (IM REALLY TIRED OKAY!?)